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NOTES / About

100% handmade, below following conditions are not within the scope of defects,

please read the following instructions before purchase.

100% are all handmade, the following conditions are not defective,

Please read the following instructions carefully before confirming the payment.


I wish you a nice day and happy shopping.


WE CARE / we care

100% HANDMADE   l   100% handmade

【All Natural Soy Wax】

Blithe's soy wax is an all-natural and environmentally friendly wax from the United States 
It is made from 100% all-natural non-genetically modified soybean oil by hydrogenation, does not contain sideline product ingredients, and has been tested to prove that it does not contain any residual pesticides.

No toxic substances such as black smoke or toluene will be produced during combustion, which is safe and environmentally friendly.

After each burning, the surface of the candle will shrink and cause some unevenness, which is a normal phenomenon and also proves the quality assurance of the use of natural wax materials.
All natural environmentally friendly soy wax molecules are relatively small and easy to absorb. The liquid of the candle after burning is about 45~52 degrees. It is safe to use and does not burn hands at low temperatures.

It is suitable for aromatherapy, and can be applied to the body for maintenance, with higher moisture.

※This product is for external use only. It is forbidden to use it in food. If you feel unwell after use, please stop using it.

【Natural Essential Oils】

Blithe’s natural essential oils do not contain phthalates.

And in line with the international RIFM (Institute of Fragrance and Materials Research Institute)


International IFRA (International Fragrance and Fragrance Association) safety and purity standards.

【Function of Plaster Candle Cup】

Blithe's water mill plaster

All are food grade, but can be added to non-food.

Since the ingredients of natural essential oils are added to the soybean wax, the natural essential oils are emitted after being ignited by the soybean wax.

The aroma will also be released through the plaster, and the color of the plaster candle cup will change with the burning, which is a normal phenomenon for the hand and is not a flawed area.

The burnt candle cup can be cleaned with warm water and dishwashing detergent.

Later, it can be applied to natural moisture-proof agent, moisture absorption, moisture-proof, deodorant, and it can be used repeatedly after sun exposure.

Add your favorite essential oils as a diffuser, add your favorite tea wax as a candle holder, and store accessories and small objects as decorations.

[Gypsum candle cup and lid]

Blithe's water milled plaster candle cups and lids are 100% handmade, and each finished product has its own hand-made texture, which must be unique.
The marks and bubbles on the cups and lids are normal phenomena of cement "breathing". They are normal hand-made phenomena and are not in the range of defects.
The cover can be used for dust prevention, and it can also be used to extinguish the flame, but there will be black marks when used to extinguish the flame.
The whole does not affect the use. It is recommended to use the instrument to turn off and then cover.

[Color difference]

Blithe's water milled plaster candle cups and lids are 100% handmade, and each finished product must be unique.
There will inevitably be some slight differences in the production process, such as color difference, which is normal for hand-made and non-defective areas.
Therefore, the actual color shall prevail.

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